Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Skirting the issue!

There is something about a skirt.

For so long the defining apparal of women, that English slang used the term to denote a woman.

And every age seems to have had a skirt, that provided a social commentary on the changing status of woman. For Elizabethans a long, full skirt spoke of wealth and class since fabric was too expensive for the lower strata of society to afford. The French bustle, assured the aristocrat that he had a 'buxom', (well-fed) mistress, and the Victorians knew that beneath all those impenetrable layers of petticoat, lay the ultimate 'prize', so men placed their women on a pedastal to achieve it!

Mary Quant's mini symbolized the emancipating revolution of the 60's, and hemlines have gone up and down ever since, as a kind of semiotic barometer of moral vigilence! My own advice about skirts is very simple: Avoid puffball and tulips! Otherwise, put a skirt on anything and it will look better.

Showers look more appealing,

Dressing tables seem to promise more feminine wiles.

Beds in a skirt, invite passion and intimacy.

Even the bathroom sink looks more alluring in a skirt.

And never ask 'does my bum look big in this?', unless you really want to know the answer!

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