Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When my daughter Tiffany was a little girl she developed a fine sense of the tribal.

This no doubt was passed on to her by her dear mother, cest moi so she cannot be held liable for such foibles!

Tiff wanted everyone she liked to be Jewish, just like her. That way, they would instantly feel like distant cousins you could invite round for dinner.

'Is Princess Di Jewish? ', she would ask expectantly. 'Brittany Spears, Dame Edna, The Spice Girls? ... Well, it was the nineties after all and Tiff was short on candidates!

Of course, Tiffany has been in heaven now for thirteen long years, where she has no doubt discovered that such things don't matter in the end at all.

Still, I think she would have loved this letter from Shel Dorf, the co-founder of Comic-Con to Julie Schwartz editor of DC comics, in which he attests to Superman's tribal links!

Shel decides that since Superman was created by 'a bunch of Jewish kids from Cleveland, this makes him Jewish.' Then bemoaning the fact that Superman was unlikely to have even known he was of 'the tribe', Shel is comforted when he looks up 'Lois Lane's' real name only to discover that it was Lois Farbotnik.

'So a union between them would have been kosher!'

Tiff would have been proud!

xxx elle

Remembering Zahida...

South Africans were horrified and ashamed at the news a few weeks ago, of the death of Anni Dewani who was honey-mooning at The Cape Grace in Cape Town.

And while everyone lamented the existence of such ugliness in our city I could not help thinking of my friend Zahida Sabadia who died under similar circumstances more then a dozen years ago.

Zahida was a beautiful young doctor, married to psychiatrist Omar Sabadia.

When Zahida was hijacked in the city of Pretoria, Omar made a dramatic appearance through the media, begging for the release of his beloved wife.

When her body was found a few days later next to her abandoned vehicle, Omar was the picture of husbandly grief, but within days it became clear the he had recruited two of his past patients to murder his beautiful wife.

Zahida had a warmth, charm and grace that was unforgettable, that made her stand out, as many do who die too soon.

Like Anni Dewani...

Whose parents need to know the truth of what happened on that terrible night.

xxx elle

Good Gracious

The Cape Grace is in the news for all the wrong reasons right now.

Looking across the waterfront at its splendid illuminated beauty reflected in the water, with Table Mountain as the perfect backdrop, it's hard to believe that a tale that ends in sadness can ever have begun in the midst of such loveliness...

For The Grace lives up to its name.

It is a place of exquisite refinement, understated and seemingly effortless in its simple style.

Designer Kathi Weixelbaumer was recently commisioned to oversee a complete refurbishment of The Grace, and she in turn commisioned African Footprint to design and hand paint all the textiles used in the hotel.

The murals, wall-hangings and soft furnishings all tell the elaborate story of the fairest Cape, and of the Dutch East India Company around which the city grew

Mr Nielson and I like, nothing better then stopping off with our friends at The Bascule Bar to end a great night out on the town.

With the waters of Table Bay in such close proximity, it's hard to believe that you are not aboard some fabulous ship!

And evidence of African Sketchbook's handiwork is to be seen here too.

The Company was started by Di Christian, who was later joined by Anne Thistleton.

 Together they have created a unique textile design environment which not only employs and trains unskilled workers, but also sets a high standard of quality and detail.

These elegant silk dupioni curtains handpainted in calligraphy, which tell the story of The Grace as well as the maritime origins of the present day Victoria and Alfred Waterfront are yet another example of their work.

In front sits one of the 500 antiques Weixelbaumer purchased to create a collection of  furniture, art and accessories that best reflect the history of the city as a trading route.

This beautiful mural found on the fourth floor Lobby adds to the theme of storytelling about the Cape..

It seems surreal to think that it was in this peaceful and gentile space, that the Dewani's began an evening that was to go so horribly wrong...

xxx elle

Just wing it

found on the improvised life.

xxx elle

There's a doctor in the house!

It's been six long years.

Long years of saturated learning and endless endurance

The slow burn, of pain and fear in a patients eyes that stays with you late into the night.

The children.

The gratitude of healing.

New life that breathes for the first time in your hands.

And life that ends with your vigil at the bedside.

It's been six long years, and Skye is a doctor.

And now to Bara, the largest acute hospital in the world for two years of internship.

Then a year of community service.

Don't put your daughter on ward rounds Mrs Worthington!

xxx elle