Saturday, April 30, 2011

Aled Lewis

I think these works by British artist Aled Lewis are just wonderful.

They have a playful whimsy, that is perfectly charming.

A sense of nostalgia almost.

Vintage meets contempary.

Find the little coloured donkey and friends here.

xxx elle

Michael Chandler

All of us need a friend who can charm the birds from the trees.

 Michael is ours.

Skye can declare first claim to him of course, but he belongs to all of us now!

Here he is, doing a liitle impromptu alteration to the evenings attire.

It gives a girl a certain confidence knowing that Michael approves!

Michael's accomplishments are many, and so it is very exciting to finally see his website up and running.

We already have some of his phrenology vases, filled with all manner of foilage and paraphenalia about the house.

And now we can turn our attention to other important matters, like this beaded 'Madam' mirror which is a glorious meeting of cultures.

And Michaels 'Enlightenment' series, which features stacked books as objet or as a lamp base. Perfect for library or study, or any quiet place of contemplation.

And now, these extraordinary escutcheons, last seen at SA Fashion Week.

Go to Chandler House now, and prepare to be charmed!

xxx elle