Friday, December 31, 2010


May all your genies show up in time for the coming gloriousness!

xxx elle

Old faithfuls

The land of the blogdom has taken me away from my first love.

All those hours last in a maze of bloggedness means less time for my books.

I have been unfaithful with my i pad, turning simulated pages with unfeigned delight.

Now I am even contemplating a KIndle.

O the shame!

In truth, one can't be unfaithful for too long.

For the weighty loveliness of a book, a real book, calls...

O, to see them stacked in piles on bed side tables, next to the loo, climbing the stairs or gracing bookcases grand and small is an endless delight.

Here at Rodwell, I can just imagine the treasures in Virginia's personal library.

Books are the best accessories a home could wish for.

An i pod next to bed is no replacement!

Of course, there is always Deborah Borness.

xxx elle

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Cheer

Mr Nielson better known as Sid, introduced me to Brene Brown and I'm passing on the favour to you.

Dr Brown is a research professor in social work who has spent the last five years of a decade long study, looking closely at shame and empathy.

Find her theory of Wholeheartedness here

Don't you feel better already?

xxx elle

See Jane Dress

This glorious creature is Jane Aldridge.

Jane's blog is full of Jane.

Jane in one fabulous vintage ensemble after another.

It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.

And Jane does it splendidly!

Her shoes alone will have you faint with envy.

You'll want to copy her every look.

Become Jane's vintage twin!

Even a cockroach brooch looks covetable on our Jane!

And she's funny and charming too.

Find her here, and feel the love.

xxx elle

Doctor Doctor, can't you see I'm burning burning

Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I sat up in the gallery and looked down upon a hall of wonders.

Hundreds of young doctors, and some of their mentors about to graduate into the field of medicine.

I felt humbled.

I thought of all my unfinished degrees ...

 Skye glances up to find us in the upstairs gallery.

And then en masse they wave their certificates in relieved gratitude.

They are all so beautiful.

Wouldn't you feel better if these three came in to take your blood pressure?

Later as we celebrate in the garden at Talana, an unexpected group of carols singers arrive!

And are lucky to find a very appreciative crowd!

Then Ma makes one of her marvelous speeches in a kitchen full of doctors, cause what's a party without a legend or two...

xxx elle


Watch out for the intellect,
because it knows so much it knows nothing
and leaves you hanging upside down,
mouthing knowledge
as your heart
falls out of your mouth

Ann Sexton from 'Admonitions to a special person'

found on running after my hat

xxx elle

My boy, my boy, my boy...again

 After three daughters Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I were convinced that my fourth pregnancy would present us with another, so we were more then amazed and delighted when it turned out to be our son Steele.

Even our doctor, used to earnest instructions from us to remain silent during the delivery gesticulated wildly towards the 'evidence' between Steele's legs!

And whilst there was something so romantic about having our own version of 'Little Women', nothing could prepare us for the unique wonders of raising a boy.

A little testosterone goes a long way!

 Here Steele is, gearing up for a night out with the boys.

Nothing like a few drinks and a game of pool in Mr Nielson's bar to get the evening going.

 And then they're off!

 Turning on the charm already...

That's my boy!

xxx elle