Friday, December 31, 2010

Old faithfuls

The land of the blogdom has taken me away from my first love.

All those hours last in a maze of bloggedness means less time for my books.

I have been unfaithful with my i pad, turning simulated pages with unfeigned delight.

Now I am even contemplating a KIndle.

O the shame!

In truth, one can't be unfaithful for too long.

For the weighty loveliness of a book, a real book, calls...

O, to see them stacked in piles on bed side tables, next to the loo, climbing the stairs or gracing bookcases grand and small is an endless delight.

Here at Rodwell, I can just imagine the treasures in Virginia's personal library.

Books are the best accessories a home could wish for.

An i pod next to bed is no replacement!

Of course, there is always Deborah Borness.

xxx elle

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