Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Remembering Zahida...

South Africans were horrified and ashamed at the news a few weeks ago, of the death of Anni Dewani who was honey-mooning at The Cape Grace in Cape Town.

And while everyone lamented the existence of such ugliness in our city I could not help thinking of my friend Zahida Sabadia who died under similar circumstances more then a dozen years ago.

Zahida was a beautiful young doctor, married to psychiatrist Omar Sabadia.

When Zahida was hijacked in the city of Pretoria, Omar made a dramatic appearance through the media, begging for the release of his beloved wife.

When her body was found a few days later next to her abandoned vehicle, Omar was the picture of husbandly grief, but within days it became clear the he had recruited two of his past patients to murder his beautiful wife.

Zahida had a warmth, charm and grace that was unforgettable, that made her stand out, as many do who die too soon.

Like Anni Dewani...

Whose parents need to know the truth of what happened on that terrible night.

xxx elle


  1. Zahida and I grew up togther in the small town of Louis Trichatdt. We attended the same school in Eltivillas. I have fond ememories of growing up together.

    The Anni Diwani case brings back memories of those traumatic times the Parents of Zahida and the community of Louis Trichadt endured.

    May her soul rest in peace

    Ragini Lala ( Nee Jeram)

  2. the murder of anni dewani, brought back memories of my mother.. i just want to thank you for this article its always heart warming to hear all the good things many people say about her.
    It makes life that much easier knowing you have many people remembering the person you love.
    I hope justice is the outcome on Anni's case and may her family find peace as we have.

    Anjum Moosa

  3. Dear Anjum,

    Perhaps you remember my daughters Skye and Tiffany who were at Crawford college in Pretoria with you.

    Your mum was such a gracious and graceful woman, and no doubt she has passed on some of that loveliness to you.

    I still have a birthday card received from you and your mum for one of the girl's birthdays. It was so witty and funny we had to keep it!

    Much love to all your family.

    xxx elle