Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Good Gracious

The Cape Grace is in the news for all the wrong reasons right now.

Looking across the waterfront at its splendid illuminated beauty reflected in the water, with Table Mountain as the perfect backdrop, it's hard to believe that a tale that ends in sadness can ever have begun in the midst of such loveliness...

For The Grace lives up to its name.

It is a place of exquisite refinement, understated and seemingly effortless in its simple style.

Designer Kathi Weixelbaumer was recently commisioned to oversee a complete refurbishment of The Grace, and she in turn commisioned African Footprint to design and hand paint all the textiles used in the hotel.

The murals, wall-hangings and soft furnishings all tell the elaborate story of the fairest Cape, and of the Dutch East India Company around which the city grew

Mr Nielson and I like, nothing better then stopping off with our friends at The Bascule Bar to end a great night out on the town.

With the waters of Table Bay in such close proximity, it's hard to believe that you are not aboard some fabulous ship!

And evidence of African Sketchbook's handiwork is to be seen here too.

The Company was started by Di Christian, who was later joined by Anne Thistleton.

 Together they have created a unique textile design environment which not only employs and trains unskilled workers, but also sets a high standard of quality and detail.

These elegant silk dupioni curtains handpainted in calligraphy, which tell the story of The Grace as well as the maritime origins of the present day Victoria and Alfred Waterfront are yet another example of their work.

In front sits one of the 500 antiques Weixelbaumer purchased to create a collection of  furniture, art and accessories that best reflect the history of the city as a trading route.

This beautiful mural found on the fourth floor Lobby adds to the theme of storytelling about the Cape..

It seems surreal to think that it was in this peaceful and gentile space, that the Dewani's began an evening that was to go so horribly wrong...

xxx elle

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