Tuesday, November 30, 2010


When my daughter Tiffany was a little girl she developed a fine sense of the tribal.

This no doubt was passed on to her by her dear mother, cest moi so she cannot be held liable for such foibles!

Tiff wanted everyone she liked to be Jewish, just like her. That way, they would instantly feel like distant cousins you could invite round for dinner.

'Is Princess Di Jewish? ', she would ask expectantly. 'Brittany Spears, Dame Edna, The Spice Girls? ... Well, it was the nineties after all and Tiff was short on candidates!

Of course, Tiffany has been in heaven now for thirteen long years, where she has no doubt discovered that such things don't matter in the end at all.

Still, I think she would have loved this letter from Shel Dorf, the co-founder of Comic-Con to Julie Schwartz editor of DC comics, in which he attests to Superman's tribal links!

Shel decides that since Superman was created by 'a bunch of Jewish kids from Cleveland, this makes him Jewish.' Then bemoaning the fact that Superman was unlikely to have even known he was of 'the tribe', Shel is comforted when he looks up 'Lois Lane's' real name only to discover that it was Lois Farbotnik.

'So a union between them would have been kosher!'

Tiff would have been proud!

xxx elle

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  1. I didn't know you have a daughter who has passed on. This is a very sweet way of remembering who she is...