Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Happy Endings!

Photographer Dina Goldstein gives a more contemporary slant to the surface experience of the average Disney princess! In her worldview reality intrudes on the world of these idealised women. Women, that Goldstein observes, create unrealistic expectations of the little girls who grow up reading about them. And so in Goldstein's script, a princess may find that life demands courage and resiliance even from the beautiful.

These poor girls discover, that sometimes the prince turns into a frog.

That life can be cruel, and requires much endurance.

And that the world can distract you from your true work and lead you astray.

I hope your story is unfolding with more promise!
Found on Love isnt enough - raising a family in a colour struck-world

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  1. Are you still working on the meanings behind the so-called "fairy tales"?
    You may also find it interesting to study the way the "Church" included parts of the folk tales of different cultures to spread their doctrine.