Monday, October 19, 2009

I heart books...

My first, and clearest memory of the powerful presence of books in my life, was as a little girl in Mrs Norris's class. Mrs Norris was mean and nasty, and she and her husband Mr Norris, the principal made my life as miserable as possible. But boy, that woman knew how to read a good book!

It was 'The lion, the witch and the wardrobe', by C S Lewis, and since then there has never been a time in my life, when a book could not provide me with the comfort, wisdom or inspiration I needed.

I can stand in someone's home and scan their bookcase, and in an instant, know so much about who they are, and how they think and what they might mean in my life.

Every time I buy a new book, I imagine the months of planning, the years of experience that it took for the author to arrive at that point of realisation, and I am amazed that in just a few hours all of that can be mine..

Every home needs a place for books, and a quiet spot in which to read them. They will sing to your soul...


  1. Love that space I need more shelves!

  2. Great photos, beautiful is a better word.
    You might enjoy this book: How to do Things from the Farm Journal, 1919. It is one of my favorites. I pull it from the shelf at least twice a season.
    A blog post about this book has links to other information and ways to read it. See my post September 8 this year.
    I enjoy your blog and check it out often.

  3. Thank you so much Kanna, I will check it out soonest and thak you so much for all your lovely words. It's encouraging to know someone actually reads my ramblings! x elle