Tuesday, October 13, 2009

That darn dog!

I'm not saying this is my favourite chair.
I'm not even saying I like it.

It is covered with a very fancy fabric of Spanish origin, for which I paid heavily!
Can I help it if it turned out looking like something from Joshua Doore, 'your two year guarantee store'!

I have noticed Baxter my labrador has singled it out as a favourite.

He is not allowed on the furniture.
He has his own cushions and recliners for goodness sake!

I shoo him off when I catch him reclining on it.

Hear then, evidence that he finds it good enough to eat!

Did I mention that he ate last night's delicious leftover's when we turned our backs for a minute.
I don't even know how he got on the table!

xxx elle

1 comment:

  1. Being a dog and cat person, I can relate to this one.
    I don't know how much furniture damage we have enjoyed through the years thanks to various four-legged friends.
    Sorry about the chair.