Tuesday, October 27, 2009

the thorn in the jew hurts

I was doing some research on fairy tales today. Looking for the deeper mythology that lies at the root of these seemingly childish tales. Bruno Bettleheim and Jung are just two of the great thinkers who unearthed their universal truths.

I was looking up Rumplestiltskin, hoping to unravel the 'straw into gold' in the tale, and the first site I opened spoke of the 'jew in the thorn' and the way in which the repulsive 'hobgoblin' Rumplestiltskin, was a representation of just such an evil jewish force in the world. The author, a german, went on to explain how the text acts as a warning to german youth, not to be fooled by the jew and his moneyed ways. Like Rumple, the jew will ask a blood libel of you... your first born child in exchange for his perculiar talents in the world.

I would have read on. There were pages and pages of hatred, but I resisted the contamination. The vile is somehow fascinating. It can lure you in, and I imagine that for many, such pages offer a refuge from their own anger and despair. It helps to hate someone, other then yourself. A person who is so cut off from what Jung called the personal unconscious, can only feel a sense of suffering and alienation which needs an outlet. Why not me?

I felt the deepest sadness. An old one. My genetic predisposition. It still hurts that someone you have never met, holds such a deep atavistic hatred towards you. Part of the journey of the experience of Jewishness, is to lose the sense of victimhood so central to its collective unconscious.

And it is so ironic, that there you are, just living your life, with Judaism as an edifying adjunct to your humanity, and yet there are those for whom nothing but, defines you. The judgement is collective. Every jew speaks, acts, lives on my behalf. And I carry them. For they will be found wanting through anything less than, I do.

These are just a few little pictures of us ugly hobgoblins who want to rule the world!!!!

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  1. There are many theories as to why humans must have someone else to blame for their own inadequacies. If you are the one who is inadequate or wrong, you are the weak link. Therefore you must believe it is another.
    Maybe it goes clear back to the way animals leave behind, drive out, or attack the supposed weak ones. The ones that may slow the herd or family group.
    Only in humans is there generalization to groups or races. Now that is sad.