Monday, November 9, 2009

After the rain, the green.

A note.

Life is the only way
to get covered in leaves,
catch your breath on the sand,
rise on wings.

to be a dog,
or stroke its warm fur;

to tell pain,
from everything it's not;

to squeeze inside events,
dawdle in views,
to seek the least of all possible mistakes.

An extraordinary chance
to remember for a moment
a conversation held
with the lamp switched off;

and if only once
to stumble on a stone,
end up drenched in one downpour or another,

mislay your keys in the grass,
to follow a spark on the wind with your eyes;

and to keep on not knowing
something important.

Wislawa Szymborska

From Leading from within: Poetry that sustains the courage to lead.


  1. I just saw your comment on my blog -- my dearest Ms. Elle, you have yourself a deal! And may I say your site is poetic and elegant and achingly lovely...I'm so glad you reached out to me, because you gave me quite a gift in arriving here! (Will add you to my blogroll now...) xx

  2. Thank you for posting this one.
    It is quite a different view through poetry than many I read or heard.

  3. I love this..."to dawdle in views"...what an apt description of one of my favorite pastimes!

  4. To Kanna,

    thank you always, for your words of inspiration and encouragement.

    To Laura,

    you are a girl after my own heart.

    And as for you lovely Bloomsbury girl,

    it's like getting a letter from the queen!!