Monday, November 23, 2009

When time is phoenix winged...

I opened a book this evening and a card fell out.

It was from my daughter Skye, written at the time of the Jewish New Year (Rosh Hashanah) several years ago.

It was a beautiful message to rediscover so unexpectedly, from our first born on a warm summer's eve.

This is what it says:

My Darling Mum and Dad,

When time is Phoenix winged
and tiny markers
like plumes,
lay down creases about your eyes
to feather your memory...

When the years pool
like spring water
and show you
your children's faces
gathered again at your
blue striped kitchen table,
songs of apple and of honey...

You should know that angels
sit amongst them,
and goodness folds itself into
the pleats of your New Year's

And when that skirt is ruffled,
by the shiny coat of your labrador
brushing past you,
or by the wind in the old oaks at Talana,
or by the swish of your former self
urging you forward;

You should know too,
that you leave a wake of goodness,
a shimmery, shell paved shoreline
in all the places that you have
placed your feet.

xxxx Skye
(I think the patients feel better just by seeing this young doctor walk into the ward!)

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