Friday, November 13, 2009

End Conscription Campaign 25 years on...

Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I spent the weekend in Stellenbosch, attending the End Conscription Campaign 25 year Anniversary Concert at Spier.

Bright Blue were reunited for the first time in decades, and we were keen to see our friend Robyn Levitan, lead singer, song writer, architect, entrepeneur and man about town, perform after all these years!

In the fabulous Spier amphitheatre, we looked around at the aged audience, and thought 'OMG when did we get so old!' Where did those lithe creatures, that cavorted on Wits University campus go?! Wasn't it just yesterday, that we were handing out ECC leaflets, and giving flowers to troops called in to control anti-apartheid protests. Who were all these aged hippies, and wasn't that grey-haired sycophant dancing in front of the band, Suzy from Pysch 101, who always took her top off at The Free People's Concert?

Mr Nielson and I stayed in one of the many adorable B & B's in the heart of Stellenbosch, a university town of immense charm and beauty. At its heart, the beautiful churches and Victorian architecture, that have been so carefully preserved. A culturally rich site for Afrikaaner traditions, it will have to fight to preserve this heritage. Already a dual mediumship university, the once wholly Afrikaans bastion of Higher learning must in the old Apartheid lingo, adapt or die.

After exploring the loveliness of this charming dorp, Mr Nielson better known as Sid and I, went off to Kamers vol geskenke. Wendy and Hilton Appelbaum make their wine estate, Morgenzon available annually to this fund raising pre-Christmas event. All gate proceeds go to a local cause, and in this way the farming community is being slowly uplifted.

This is their wine farm, and yes, that is their home at the top of the hill! Hilton has always looked at me askance, since I suggested that playing Baroque music to his grape-vines 24/7 smacked of slavery, and that even grapes need a day off! (Or a good night's sleep at the very least, not to mention those poor farm labourers!) Hilton, who has speakers strategically positioned throughout the vineyards, is convinced that the constant pleasure of baroque music, inspires his grapes to loftier heights! I am all for a little chat with ones plants, but these poor dears seem under musical siege.

The verdant estate is the perfect setting for the beautiful handmade gifts, plants, flowers, clothing and decor on sale, And the food, so close to Stellenbosch which is a very 'foodie' town, is always delicious. Sitting at the long tables, scenically placed under trees, all the while partaking of a country feast was sublime.

My friend Lesley ( blogger of 'my hearts content') creates a romantic range of charming jewellery, whimsical enough to win the heart of any vintage style lover. After five exciting days under a barrage of visitors and a sold out stand, Les and husband Tom were only too delighted to head home to cape town to recover!

And no doubt to make plans towards next years 'Kamers' which just keeps getting bigger and better.
See you there.
xxx elle


  1. Thanks Ellie !! I feel famous now xxxx

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