Wednesday, November 18, 2009

peas and carrots.

Every now and then, I check in on Saint Verde , blog of Neville Trickett lifestyle forecaster extraordinaire and maverick aesthete.

Neville, whose short-lived tribute to retail heaven, (Saint Verde) offered an eccentricly cerebral worldview, takes a rare moment off from a very busy life, to offer occasional inspiration online. Neville's mind works with synchronicity, making ever changing connections between disparate elements. Nothing exists in isolation, and he will find astounding relevence that seems to effortlessly twin itself beyond time, place and culture.

In this earlier post, he aligns the work of photographer Wingate Paine ( 1915-1987) whose pioneering photographs recorded the emergence of an awakening sexual revolution, with the sensual, fluid watercolours of renoir.

Neville disappointed his readers with the news that he was making a dodo of his popular blog. Happily he is still, even if only rarely rearing his clever head. Go share in the wonder at

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