Sunday, February 28, 2010

Moving Artistry.

Sometimes you just know its time to move on. And this takes courage. Letting go, of what no longer works for you. Taking a risk. Starting anew.

So Cath and Steve packed up the old house in Talana, and moved to fresh soil.

Waking up to a new day dawning.

Breathing in the quiet of a country morning, just outside your door.

Making all of us long to sleep in a garage!

Seeing all your teasures. As if for the first time.

Noordhoek is the new Claremont my darlings....




  1. Your photos stirred memories as my husband and I moved so much. And, our youth had a way of making each move an adventure. I especially liked the unpacking photo and how you said possessions looked like new are so perceptive as that was so true. I thought I recognized Noordhoek but Googled it to make sure and Voila! My husband used to jog on that beautiful long beach. Your Darlings truly live in a slice of heaven. Best wishes for a successful move and new adventure!

  2. Your place looks lovely and so do all your things. Great to have found your blog xx