Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Hot designers.

Tearing across town on a Sunday afternoon to the Cape Town Convention Centre, for a stolen few hours in searing heat is not a great idea. Much better to laze by the pool, or better still 'nap' with Mr Nielson, better known as Sid, in our air-conditioned boudoir.

Nevertheless, as sufferers of FOMO in varying degrees, Malu, Balu and I, (yes those are their names!) braved the crowds, and hit the design hall with feigned enthusiasm.

In between all the usual suspects, were little gems of ingenuity. Copy, copy, copy is oftentimes the mantra that dominates South African design. It comes from being a season behind the rest of the world, making it temptingly easy to rework whatever emerged out of Europe or America.
I rather liked these elaborate 'miners' hats, part of the uniquely South African dress code for local soccer lovers. Crafted with enormous creativity, and individuality by very enthusiastic fans.

Visitors to the 2010 world cup are going to love them, although they may find themselves less enamoured with the vuvuzela's that are usually accompany the outfits.

Of course. while I stood around enduring the noisy crowds, Malu and Balu restored themselves with a little neck and shoulder massage.

Unlike lots of the fare on show, my Friends are all real originals!


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