Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Under bluegums...

Every now and then Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I make a quick getaway to the country for a few days. Blue Gum Lodge is one of our favourite boltholes. We have sampled almost all of its delightful accomodation; mountain family suites, romantic 'elephant' and 'lion' boudiors and even the private 'villa'.

All of them keep us yearning to return, not just for Blue Gum's expansive gentleness and comforting silence but also for the delicious cuisine and adorable staff. The previous owners made social upliftment in the area a priority, and Moira our waitress, who once hid in the ladies room in terror of the guests, now confidently regales us with mirth-filled local tales and country gossip!

New owner Graham, has thankfully maintained its welcoming ambience along with all the little nuances, that make Blue Gum so addictive. After breakfast, his son Simon arrived, with bass from the river to release into the Blue Gum dam!

An historic moment no doubt, caught on my camera, for Kingfishers and future guests to enjoy!

In just the few days that we visited, Sid and I saw glorious porcupine scuttling through the thicket, and huge barn owls that eyed us wearily from their lookout posts along the gravel roads. Shy buck grazed close by late at night, and troops of baboon thundered down through the vineyards during our breakfast, all the while chased by the live 'scarecrow', employed to keep them away!
Can you blame us for coming back for more...
xxx elle

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