Friday, February 5, 2010

Post on 4 posts

It all began with an old brass, four poster bed!

Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I found it in a small shop in Hillbrow, (this when Hillbrow still had shops, and not just drug dens, shebeens and brothels!).

We gazed at it with longing, since it was far beyond the means of our student budget but eventually convinced the shop owner to let us lay-bye it over a few months!

Then it was ours.

Far too big for our little bedroom, but so grand and romantic, that it made even our humble Hillbrow flat feel elegant.

In time, of course, that flat turned into a cottage, and then a house, and then a bigger house... like a series of Russian dolls that fit into one another.

And, eventually, we gave the old brass, four poster bed away, choosing instead a capacious king size refuge, that would accomodate our growing brood.

But, o the glorious memories of that four poster bed.



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  1. Beautiful four-poster and a lovely way to chronicle one's life. And, you are one incredible decorator!! Elegant. Peaceful.