Friday, August 21, 2009

The week that was...

It's Friday.

That means the Sabbath has arrived and with it time to evaluate the week, create a real space for the sacred, and where needed, do a little healing.

It's been that kind of week!

Sometimes, so many things go awry that it soon becomes obvious that something is trying to be said, and that there is the clearest need to listen carefully and prepare for some self-examination.

This is good.

We all need to continually reflect on our thoughts, deeds and intentions, and correct them when they are found wanting.

This week my windscreen wipers switched on of their own accord. They would not go off again even when I took the key from the ignition, until I had disconnected a fuse and rendered them useless. (Ok, I never disconnected them, the man at the petrol station did, or my battery would have run down!) It is quite difficult to find your way in pouring rain without a wiper. Its been a rainy week!

Next, my cell phone with which I am notoriously lax, refused to deliver my messages nor channel my calls. I later discovered the network was down, but at the time I took this very personally, especially since I had some desperate,(and I use the term advisedly) messages to relay!

I went shopping for a friend's fancy dress party and my new credit card was declined! Oy! Ok, maybe I spent a bit too much on the winter sales but really!

Worse still, someone I have always considered a friend has treated me with appalling contempt. Enough to make me leave two messages on her answering service pleading for an explanation and yes, it must be said, one too many smses on her cellular! Her responce was to suggest that my behaviour was 'alarming', and that she would contact me when it suited her. Gulp! This is enough to give me sleepless nights and indigestion!


What does this all mean I ask myself, as the Sabbath approaches. Could the windscreen wipers speak to me of 'clarity', clear vision and finding my way in the right direction? Does the stubborn cell phone ask of me, better communication and a more measured responce. Take your time, dear elle. Think before you speak. Oh yes, that is very good advice. Thank you.... Now, what about that pesky credit card? We will skip that one, if you don't mind! Although, since it was declined in a dress-up store, perhaps this just means being true to myself.

And as for the girl who was so horribly mean? Perhaps it is time to move on. More importantly, is there something in her unforgiving judgement of me that I can own, and need to repair in myself. Probably. Of course.

So this is how we live and grow and live to see another day!

Happy Shabbas, and may you find the stars even when the world looks dark. Especially, when the world looks dark.

x x x


photo by Hanna L

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  1. you have an incredible ability to find the lesson and the gift in all moments and all things... its why you can live with such light in your eyes and a smile on your face