Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thank you Mr Nielson.

I was at a talk, at my synagogue today that was focused on relationships.

And since relationships are the building blocks of our lives, I could feel the full weight of the collective pain and love and hope of that audience as they thought about their own. Everyone of us is faced at some time, with people in our lives who challenge us, in the most trying ways.

If only we could begin to recognise how much these most difficult relationships serve us; allowing us, demanding of us, that we grow.

I have always found, that if we are able to shift from a place of judgement and resistance to a space of love and compassion, all things become possible, and forgiveness and understanding can be achieved.

The painting at the top of this post, is one I did as a wedding 'card', for my nephew Elan, and his wife Tammy. It contains many symbols that are important to them both, as well as some that appropriately, are the property of Chagal. For 'what is love without a violin playing goat'!

For me, the sacred partnership between a man and woman, through the contract of marriage, is the ultimate sanctuary in which we are able to refine ourselves and grow our spirit.

I am so grateful to Mr Nielson, better known as Sid for being so devoted to the sacred task of personal growth and refinement in marriage. He is the tomatoe to my basil, the peas to my carrots, the ice cream to my chocolate sauce! We are so different to one another Sid and I, and it is because and not in spite of this that we find ourselves, so often in perfect balance.

Everyday, I learn more about myself because of him. It's not always easy and it's not always comfortable but it's what makes our relationship so rich and rewarding.

And the harder we work at it, the louder and more beautifully that violin playing goat plays!

Thank you Sid.

x x x elle

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