Friday, August 21, 2009

Ode to my Bok on half a century.

In the tuckshop
Marooned by children,
All green eyed pretty with a smile that
Lights the room
I found
Your sweet-heart-friend=ship.

And we took sail
You and I
Two friends now,
In the simple truth that meets
The ebb
and flow of this small life.

Remarkable one,
Who listens with carefulness,
Giving time.
Calming the waters
Throwing out a rope to which
We cling

You are the gentle sigh of a distant sea
The wide eyed wonder of a child.
A chocolate eclair.
You are
A night sky filled with kindly stars.
An invitation in the post.
And Sunday mornings
Warm in bed

With love and thanks to you my beautiful friend...

x x x


1 comment:

  1. Oh my darling friend, that I will always be here for you. Most all I have learned about the love of a true friend, I have learned from you. Wise wonderful warmhearted woman you are. x x x