Wednesday, August 26, 2009

To the man in the park...

To the man in Rondebosch Park, who shouted at me for letting my dog, Baxter dig for moles;

I am sorry.

I am sorry, that despite my best intentions I shouted back!

I am sorry, that I asked you if you were a vegetarian; as if eating cows, sheep, ducks and chickens meant that you counldn't be outraged on behalf of a frightened mole.

I am sorry, that I lied when you asked me if I was vegetarian. I said 'yes', when in truth I have been eating animals for a few years now. And still feel bad about it.

I am sorry, that I reprimanded you in front of your child, suggesting that shouting at a stranger was not a very good example for her to emulate.

I am sorry that I called out, ' go spread your light in the neighbourhood, you horrible man', after you manhandled Baxter and threw him off the mole-heap!

Oh dear!

If we ever meet again, I promise to apologise, even while I am blushing at the memory of my rudeness.

Please forgive me, and have a nice day.


  1. I stumbled on your blog by accident, but now I'm glad I did.


    And I love your dog Baxter, no matter what that man thinks about him. He's adorable, and I'm sure he meant no harm. At least he didn't bite the man, like my dogs would have if anyone tried to manhandle them.

  2. Hello Oxie...

    Baxter and I like you already!

    x x x