Tuesday, March 27, 2012

This is my life...Lisa

These last few weeks, with the passing of beautiful Lisa Melman, I have thought a lot about my 'other life' as a young aspiring actress studying Dramatic Art at Wits University in the early 1980's.

And as I have read the many tributes to Lisa by fellow Wits students, most of whom I cannot recollect, I am left with a kind of terrible nostalgia.

I walked away so easily from that world, a world that I had yearned for even as a child... and I think that easy resignation is something that has marked my life ever since. I can't even remember the girl that once thought the world a stage, who dyed her hair blue and played Dj on Voice of Wits. I think her wit, and theatrical  flamboyancy might well repel the woman that I am now, and yet there is something so wistful and poignant about 'what might have been'. 'What might have been', doesn't really exist of course, and I have no illusions about what made it so simple to walk away.

When I voiced my 'regret' to my daughter, Erin she was suitably aghast, chastising me for my foolishness, reflecting on the sheer loveliness that is my little life, and yet..

Go here now, and hear Les Lisa sing...for all of us.

xxx elle

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