Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Chance Muse strikes again!

The Chance Muse came to visit one glorious summer's day.

All was still.

As if the Muse herself, had ordered the errant wind to abate.

I had been meaning to get round to a little tale of the cottage.

Had been meaning to introduce her to you now that she is fully grown...

And then that Chance Muse was at the door, and from her 'Poppin's' bag, amidst the gifts and niceties, she drew out her camera like a wizards sword, and nothing missed her artist's eye.

Not the vintage paintings and photos above the 18 drawer dresser,

Nor my makeshift sink, concocted to last the holidays but impossible to let go!

The Chance Muse loved the old museum, as my builder christened it when I fretted about altering the cottage's original charm. 'Elle' he would reassure me, 'you'll always have the museum.'

No nick knack went unnoticed.

No detail unappreciated.

The Chance Muse loved the' fruits' of our labour!

Go here now, and find yourself inspired ...

xxx elle