Thursday, March 29, 2012

Glad tidings

I thought a lot today, about people who shine a light wherever they go.

They leave a room feeling brighter then when they arrived.

I like to avoid the other kind...the ones who leave bits of their own bitter pain as reminders that they have been near.

Spreading light is a beautiful thing.

Happy people, do it naturally.

My gorgeous friend Colleen, better known as Bardot, once got a Saturday morning job delivering flowers!

It paid very little but for Bardot arriving on somebody's doorstep with flowers, was worth more then money could buy.

Imagine doing something that makes others happy each day.

Like the 'balloon troopers' at Geronimo, Jirhan 'Jihanimo' Zancirli, began her business delivering beautiful, bright balloons all over Seattle.

'The Balloon Girl', as Jihanimo is known, traversed the city, arriving on her yellow 1974 French moped with balloons for a lucky recipient tied to her bike.

Today you can pop into her downtown Los Angeles store or order on line.

Andrea Galvani creates exquisite art with the help of balloons.

And my favorite Mormon, well person really, the glorious Nie Nie releases a bunch of balloons at every family birthday!

Maybe not such a good idea, considering the island of plastic the size of Texas floating off the coasts of America.

Geronimo will credit you for your deflated balloons, and pass them onto public school classrooms to be reused in the art room!

That way the light goes even further...

xxx elle

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