Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The Spice Spoon

Shayma is the beautiful economist of Pakistani-Afghan descent ( with 'a hint of Iranian') who seduces readers with her exquisite tales of culinary heritage.

Her blog The Spice Spoon, takes you on a cultural journey into a world of 'loose estimation', or in Urdu 'andaaza', a way of cooking that is both intuitive and joyful.

Shayma's words are a temptation, so evocative that you find yourself almost there, at the table of her beloved grandmother, in her kitchen in Lahore.

Here is Dal (lentils) in the Afghan manner, scented with tarka; a cumin and garlic oil infusion, just the way her Baba likes it.

Go here and taste for yourself.

xxx elle

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