Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bartholomeus Klip

The weather was wild but of course, that did not deter us...

 After all, Skye had just arrived in time for a weekend away from 'Bara'.

And what better reason to head for Bartholomeus Klip, and to rejoice in the beauty of all that is good.

Noo Noo sips from a cup of steaming hot chocolate, as we take a break on our 'game drive' surrounded by Bontebok, kwagga and wildebees!

Then, back to the elegant homestead so beautifully preserved by the Parker family, and just in time for tea.

Everything at Bartholomeus has a quiet refinement, even the lake seems an exercise in careful consideration, and we find ourselves rowing its calm waters on a winter's morning.

Then it is off to Tulbach, to admire its charming heritage architecture, indulge in some vintage treasure hunting and imbibe a few fine refreshments.
 And admire the peacocks too!

Till next time then,

xxx elle

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  1. oh to be a katzeff.... we are going to travel katzeff style to Pondoland and picnic in waterfalls and take lovely photos yay