Sunday, May 1, 2011

Singing the Pesach Blues

This Pesach we all piled into the car, and made our way to Blue Gum Estate in Stanford to begin a new tradition with some of our loveliest friends.

In the car, travelling with us were several pots of soup and kneidlach, and assorted terines of a dubious Peisadica nature! Such are the joys of the layered soaked matza 'lasagne'.

Even Baxter our faithful hound joined in the spirit, traveling in convoy with his canine colleague, Diesel in the back of Benji's car.

A communal Seder had been planned down to a not so fine detail, and so certain imperfections will be ironed out in time for the next one at Blue Gum, same time next year.

For that is what Pesach is about, after all.

Ironing out those imperfections. Looking for the 'chametz' that rises inside of us. The old hurts and resentments that bind us to the past, and keep us from moving forward. Enslaved. Bitter. Looking outward, instead of inward at the ego from which all outrage stems.

As I cleaned out my drawers and cupboards, packing away the utensils that are used all year, and replacing them with the familiar Pesachware used only for these 8 days, I felt a great sense of relief that transformation is always possible. If we come from a place of love, then even the very 'waters' themselves will part for us , and we will see a way forward.

At this festival, more then any other, the energy of transformation abounds, so that if you are ready and willing to do the work, your time is NOW...

xxx elle


  1. Love the idea of transformation! Thank you.

  2. May i ask for a few more darling buds please. I keep checking expectantly... but alas... love.

  3. "If you come from a place of Love..." Yes, exactly so. Very nice post.