Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sacred geometry

Funny, how even the most everyday things can offer us little messages just when we need them. so that we can discover even in a humble bowl of pasta, secrets to the meaning of life!

When Mr Nielson better known as Sid. and I were very young we spent a lot of time searching for that elusive meaning of life secret thing!

We had time, in between idling about on Wits Campus to look for it in every nook and cranny.

We loved nothing better then pondering about it every chance we got, and because we were young and of course, knew everything, it seemed like something we could take home and file along with our degrees, ( ok Rob, my unfinished degree) on a shelf marked 'Everything you ever wanted to know about the meaning of life but were too afraid to ask.'

Mr Nielson and I found ourselves a 'perfect living Master', we became vegetarians, wore cheesecloth and wished everyone Rhada Swami before swanning off to India to sit at the Master's perfect feet!
By now we were initiated into the path, and we tried to spend at least ten percent of our day, preferably at the time of elixer doing our meditation.
Our mantra was made up of the names of the lords of the 'inner regions'. Regions which we could in time expect to traverse, with guidance from the Master himself!
These five 'holy' names were repeated in a kind of cosmic inner spiral that echoed the very constrution of the universe itself.

I thought of that spiral today as I prepared a bowl of pasta, watching as the whirls of plumped gluten absorbed flavour and richness. For of course, the secrets of life are meant to elude us but as we nurture with love those around us, we can catch a glimpse of it in the sacred geometry of the universe.
Fractals, the extraordinary perfection of nature's design is a constant reminder of the order around us, even in seeming chaos.
It is the breath of time passing, the rise and fall; the shadow and light that is all of life.

So although Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I no longer practise repeating that spiral of holy words, we honour the spiral of those who come and go from the 'perfect living Master's' path. We honour life itself and the spiral of life, and after life that is this creation.

And that is why during this week, as loved one's sought to overcome adversity, to rise above the vagaries of the body and to find peace and healing, a bowl of pasta is a little whisper from the Divine...

xxx elle


  1. The Golden Mean. Yes, even in a bowl of pasta. Maybe especially in a bowl of pasta. :) Lovely.

  2. You write so beautifully, Elle. I try and read your blog whenever I remember. A true philosopher whom I was fortunate to meet when you and Mr Nielson, better known as Sid, so graciously entertained two strangers in your lovely home one memorable Friday night.