Thursday, July 1, 2010

Fridays with Erna

Erna and I met when she found me outside one morning gazing with admiration at her newly built house.

It has that lovely French Countryside sensibility that I so enjoy, and was designed by her very clever architect, husband Dennis Maas.

He is also responsible for the very charming interiors.

But that was then.

This is now......

Erna is steeped in kindness generally, and has a very special love for animals.
Quite inadvertently, Erna has found herself at the helm of a small animal rescue concern, that operates mostly out on the Cape Flats catering to the poorest communities.

When Erna can't find a home for one of her lovely hounds, she brings them back to her own and they very quickly become part of the family.

Their coats shine.

Their eyes sparkle.

And they follow Erna around like a small flock of adoring sheep, each taking turns to sit on her lap like a favourite child!

In time the 'Rescue' unit has become quite a full time pursuit, and to this end on the last Friday of every month, Erna concocts a delicious 'charitea', catering to all manner of strange dietary requirement on the part of her non-canine admirers.

We get to sit around on her sunny patio, and enjoy her delicious home bakes whilst supporting her very admirable cause.

If you find yourself in Kenilworth one month end Friday, please join us.

Everyone is welcome!

xxx elle


  1. Beautiful home and a beautiful soul...

  2. What a beautiful place and such a lovely thing for her to do.
    I admire her from afar.