Sunday, May 16, 2010

The ugly noo noo

This evening Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I took our son Steele to the theatre to see Andrew Buckland in his iconic one man show, 'The ugly noo noo'.

En route to the theatre where our friends were waiting for us, I suddenly remembered the pot of soup I had left boiling briskly on the stove. Mr Nielson calmly took the quickest road home, reassuring me that we had enough time to return with the tickets and attend the performance as scheduled.

Having informed our friends to wait for us (and the tickets!) at the theatre door, I rushed into the house, turned off the stove and raced back to the car. I did a quick cross check before Mr Nielson reversed out the driveway, and discovered that the tickets which I had placed on the panel between the seats was gone! O the Horror!

I cannot even begin to convey to you the scene which unfolded. The mad dash into the kitchen. Checking inside the fridge for the tickets. Emptying of entire contents of handbag onto the kitchen table. The wailing. The Hysteria!!!

In the meantime, Mr Nielson and Steele assured me that they had searched the car and could find no trace of the dreaded tickets.

More hysteria. Another run around the kitchen. Madness and delirium!

By now Mr Nielson and Steele had entered the family homestead and found the deranged woman in the kitchen. Said woman then raced like a maniac to the car, only to immediately find les tickets wedged down behind the metal slider on Mr Nielson's side of the car!

Oh Dear...

I am the ugly noo noo.

I am the nicest girl, really I am. You could not hope to find a more charming, affable lass. But put me in a stressful situation and I very quickly lose my bearings! I need help I tell you! A school for the panic stricken? An academy for the stressfully challenged. Mr Nielson better known as Sid, says for sure now we will need some family therapy!
Of course, I very soon transformed back into the nicest girl, but who can forget( even if she only emerges occasionally) the mad woman in the kitchen!

Like Andrew Bucklands 'parktown prawn' there is an ugly noo noo in me that really needs to go...

Thankfully, we did make it to the theatre in time to see Andrew perform his extraordinary physical theatre, and our friends had already convinced the doorman to allow them to enter.

Andrew and his son Daniel recently did a stint with Cirque du Soleil in Las Vegas in a show called Love. When people asked Daniel what he was doing in Vegas, he told them, " I'm in 'Love' with my father."

And who can blame him!

xxx elle


  1. better the noo noo you know. i love you.

  2. Teresa: Thank the Lord, it's comforting to know there are more among us!

    Skye: I'm so grateful to be loved, ugly noo noo and all!

    xxx elle