Friday, May 28, 2010

Of goats and other edibles

For almost twenty three years Mr Nielson better known as Sid, and I were vegetarians. We ate no animals. Not even an egg passed our saintly mouths, although we did partake of dairy products, despite understanding their contributory place in the great meat industry.

Then change came. Mr Nielson found himself 'ayearning' for a manly meal. He struggled with this new need, consulting friendly experts, and expertly friends and even his neighbourhood rabbi.

Eventually one mild summer's day Mr Nielson better known as Sid, settled himself down on a park bench, and like a well heeled vagrant he feasted on a succulent chicken, courtesy of Nando's.

The Rabbi would not have liked Mr Nielson's choice of an unkosher bird, but he did approve of the need and apparently biblical right to eat it.

The rest of the family fell like nine-pins and soon all of the family, even our son Steele ( vegetarian from birth ) was enthusiastically omnivorous.

Still, it did not sit well with me. I have always known that at some time, I would need to return to that state of grace.

I have just started reading Jonathan Saffran Foer's 'Eating Animals'. Luckily for the cows, sheep and chickens that would come a cropper on my plate, that time has come!

Don't you just love these goat paintings!
xxx elle

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