Sunday, May 16, 2010

The space we leave behind.

What is it about old houses that is so deeply moving?

The ones left untouched.

Allowed to fade like blooms past their prime. Something in their textured, glorious weariness speaks to the human condition. And that which is beautiful, is somehow enriched by age instead of depleted.

Like the rooms in this gracious 18th century home photographed by Andrew Bush.

They tell us so much about the life that has unfolded within them. Read quietly and slowly, they are as dense as the pages of a book, allowing us to see the people who have inhabited them for so long.

I love this attic room, mellowed by time. The perfect space in which to write, reflect and create.

Change one thing, refresh even a bit and some secret, lovely thing will be lost forever...

xxx elle

Found via beach bungalow 8


  1. Beautiful words and images. Beautiful post.

  2. O thnak you Teresa. I know, there is something so touching and vulnerable about their beauty.
    xxx elle

  3. A comfy chair (like in the photo) makes me want to flop down, feel the cushion whoosh, and absorb the wisdom. Everything that Was happened in these rooms, everything that says what Will Be. Loved how you described this old house, very elegant words. Thank you.