Sunday, July 31, 2011

Windyridge, may you bloom and grow

On the Monday morning Rustic Homes moved in, and began to build the new improved version of Windyridge..

Two days later, on Wednesday afternoon Mr Nielson and I arrived to survey what appeared to be the new ground floor.

It was extraordinary to be able to walk from 'room to room', along a pathway we had navigated in our imaginations for so many months.

Everywhere we looked there were men at work, labouring on our behalf to create the home we had long been dreaming of...

Mr Nielson and I were like two children, overwhelmed with excitement and wonder...

Over the weeks as the house has progressed, each visit has been made with a sense of the keenest gratitude.

Slowly, the 'new' begins to connect to the 'old'. in what we hoped was a seamless synergy.

On their very first day at work, the men built this room to act as their headquarters and kitchen!

The new doors and windows arrived, and set us on a painful journey in which we mourned our lovely old cottage, and learnt to accept that the outsourced joiner had completely reinterpreted our very specific brief!

But that is another story.

In the meantime, we await with joy and anticipation, a glorious new summer at the new Windyridge.


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