Friday, July 29, 2011

Sarah was here.

If you're very lucky, you get to travel up the mountain side in Scarborough, until you find yourself at Sarah's door.

Once inside, you find yourself inhabiting a space that feels somehow suffuced with the spiritual and sublime.

The series of small timber clad dwellings seem to form a sacred community, acting as refuge for weary wayfares from the big city.

And all about is the craggy mountainside that tumbles down, down, down to the Atlantic ocean.

At a moments notice some innate sense has Sarah or Clive sliding closed doors and windows, even before the first alpha male baboon makes his presense known!

Clive roasts and prepares his own spices for a noon day feast, and then we eat.

To break bread with Sarah, to share her many blessings made over food, friends and life is to feel inspired by a timeless wisdom.

Here is where Sarah bathes in sunlight amongst the many boulders, around which the house was built.

And here, a shower given natural privacy by rock and bush has a view that traverses land, sea and sky.

When you leave this airy sanctuary, it is with a longing to return...

xxx elle


  1. You write so well! Look forward to sharing some of your beautiful moments in your beautiful land!

  2. I fear I've fallen into covetousness again. What an absolutely beautiful home. The kitchen and the bath, and that view of heaven. Scrumptious.