Thursday, March 31, 2011

India House

Skye came for a visit.

She was feeling a little tired, being one of only two doctors in a ward of sixty!

Working 36 hour shifts. Is that even legal?

So we took her away...

And could not believe our luck when we arrived at India House  in Bainskloof.

Surely the most beautiful mountain hideaway ever.

India House is built of mountain stones from the land which surrounds it.

Land that is as it meant to be, untainted and wild where nothing but the flow of the river, and the sigh of wind through wild grass can be heard.

A place full of treasures without and within.

I found these in some of the bedrooms!

 Do you remember Squint?

What delight to recognise them, sitting around like visiting eccentrics.

Of course the owners left a trail to the London shop, and who can blame them!

Even the bathrooms were a sumptious treat.

Nothing to do but sleep, eat, read and play.

And bond bond bond.......................

xxx elle

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  1. Ahhh, but you made me want to hop on a plane and slip into quiet bliss. I adore those chairs beyond words, each for different reasons. But the pool pic is the best...what fun you all had!