Monday, October 25, 2010

artful display

There is some art that prospers in solitude.

It prefers a quiet moment alone, above a fireplace or imposingly placed beneath a light source all the better to signify its artful import.

It may be a work of such beauty that it is best viewed alone, where it can be savoured and appreciated without distraction.

Sometimes, it is simply the work of some dreadfully expensive artiste, whose owner feels compelled to draw an undivided attention to it...

And then there is art that benefits from community.

Often growing in beauty through contrast and juxtaposition.

Like people, art is often happiest in a collective where diversity and companionship make it all the more lovely!

These fine collections are a case in point. There is such harmony and balance in their artful display, that any other hanging would seem to impoverish them.

I have found that by first assembling a collection of art on the floor, and paying careful attention to colour, contrast and form, a display that is pleasing to the eye is more readily achieved.

Whether leaning casually in a group, or thoughtfully spanning an entire wall art can become the sublime centre of a beautiful room.

At Halfaampieskraal vintage finds form a growing community that enriches and enchants with each viewing.

xxx elle


  1. Thank you so much for the post! That is my art in the first pic! I was so happy to see it here! Hope you will follow my blog!I am now happily following yours!:)


    Jennifer Ament

  2. O Jennifer, that is glorious! I have saved lots of examples of your charming work and am so excited to have discovered they are yours! Welcome...

    xxx elle

  3. That makes my week! Thanks so much!!