Monday, June 14, 2010

Trophies of a kind...

I like trophies.

There, I've said it.

Sadly, I am not even referring to a well hidden penchant for coming first, discovered when I won the 100 meter sprint age twelve!

Alas, no, I am talking of course, of animal trophies.

Something, about the noble presence of a stuffed kudu gazing vacantly over the threshold, holds a strange and fascinating appeal. Throw in a few horns, bones and animal skins, and colonial life is conjured up in an instant. Even the most urban interior is lent an air of adventure and romance with some colonial accoutrement.

Still, much as I love the mournfully, glassy gaze of a prized kudu, my better self longs for a kinder alternative.

The bar at The Duchess of Wisbeach in Sea Point, has a cheerful cow on display, just the thing to amuse inebriated patrons!Frederique Morrel's heavenly vintage tapestry trophies, are a sublime temptation.

Whilst a fallow deer constructed in pale Mosaic by Canadian Michal Dillon, is an elegant possibility.

And who can resist, the illuminated majesty of Michael Methven's Big 5.

Ceramicist Shirley Finz adds a Shweshwe twist to her 'Bokkie' offering.
I can't help loving the way in which the relics of the bush, contextualise and situate our own human narrative into the wide open expanse that is Africa, the 'cradle of mankind'.

xxx elle


  1. You are so lovely and so clever.


    ps. i fed the fish.

  2. My father did some big game hunting, so I do understand the appeal, and agree that a gentler approach through art is a perfect way to express it. This is lovely. Yes, man Kind.

  3. Dearest Skye, thank you for stopping by to feed my fish. I do so worry about them when I am off-line, so your no doubt generous offering will keep them going for a few days at least! xxx mum

    Dearest Teresa,

    Thank you for all your lovely comments,they are especially encouraging just when i think nobody reads me! xxx elle