Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The light fantastic!

This gloriously simple chandelier born of a generous branch and a bare hanging light bulb, reminds me of my own 'branch' light, that hangs under the rietdak roof of my kitchen patio.

Here it is, all spruced up for a 60's party, resplendent in bright accents and coloured light bulbs!

Usually it is quite bare . I like the honest simplicity of its terracotta floors, reed ceiling and reclaimed wooden table.

Before I found my branch light, which was conjured up by my friend Jenny in her garden shop 'Grow', I fancied one like this, from High Thorn in Kwazulu Natal who do clever things with twigs and other natural resources.

With his creative project, Magpie, the ever charming Scott Hart goes one step further creating all manner of extraordinary things using scrap and recycled plastic bottles.

I have one of his lovely little light fittings in my kitchen at Boulders, from the early days before Scott set up shop in Barrydale.

It's really just an upside down bouquet of silk flowers embraced by a flock of tiny birds!

The Obama's put one of Magpie's chandeliers in their personal residence at The White House, so I know I am in good company.

I have also always loved these dramatic antler chandeliers from Hadeda, but the ceilings of my old house would groan under their considerable weight.

And they'd groan all the louder if they had to bear the earthy beauty of these 'mud' ball delights, created with hundreds of dried beads fashioned from mud by the clever people at 'Mud' in Ladybrand.

xxx elle

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  1. Beautiful ideas. Love your kitchen patio. I'm going to start thinking of possibilities...