Saturday, April 10, 2010

With new eyes...

Mr Nielson better known as Sid, always encourages me to look very closely at my shadow.

'Shadow' is central to The Mankind Project philosophy, and nary a day goes by when one is not made conscious of the play of shadow in a world deserving of more Light. We learn from shadow, it is our teacher.

Oftentimes I come upon Muslim ladies dressed in their black Burka's, peering from a thin slit out into the world. Amidst the colourful diversity of women surrounding them, they appear grim and menacing to my prejudiced eye. Magazines hint at the expensive lingerie worn under their protective facade, and tales are told of the designer clothes worn in the privacy of their homes.

The truth is, I find them vaguely disturbing. There is something about a persons eyes, and the open page of their face that feels honest and necessary. I confess to sometimes staring at them with a hint of hostility, and obvious disapproval.

Sometimes, when I am in my Light, I see them in the fullness of their humanity.

That is why I love these photos...
Aren't they Beautiful.

They are full of Light!

xxx elle

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