Sunday, April 18, 2010

'Hop in KId!'

It was early morning, and I was on my way home from dropping my boy, Steele off at school, when I saw her standing outside the local cafe.

Looking pretty as always, as she stood on the sidewalk, it seemed perfect timing for me to pull up next to the curb, roll down the window and say, 'Hop in, kid!'

And she did.

'Come' I said, 'I'll give you a lift to your car.'

We only had to turn the corner, and we were there.

And so we sat talking, in the parked car, with the bustle of the neighborhood around us. And there was a lot that my friend needed to talk about. So much that needed to be said. Needed to be heard.

Pain that had been spilling out of her on the sidewalk, found a refuge in my car.

All I had to do was listen. Hear. Care...

And then she was gone, and I went on to claim the day.

Later, my friend sent me a message. 'Thank you for stopping today', she wrote. 'G-d sent you. You are my angel.'

The universe is full of synchronicity.

When it happens for you, I hope that you notice and give thanks...

xxx elle


  1. I love synchronicity such as this. An angel, indeed.

  2. desiree FrigentiMay 9, 2010 at 11:53 AM

    You always gave so much of yourself to everyone. Take care xoxo