Saturday, March 30, 2013

There's a sigh in my soup.

My daughter Skye is a doctor at an Aids clinic in Soweto.

Many of her patients are hungry, and unable to take their medication on an empty stomach.

Many of them are too poor to pay for transport to Baragwanath Hospital where she refers them when they need to see a specialist, or require treatment unavailable at the clinic.

Skye gives someone her neatly made lunch everyday.

Skye empties her purse to help with bus fare to Bara.

Skye cries in her car on the way home from work.

Now, Skye is doing something about the desperation that surrounds her. She has started The Sibahle Community Centre.  It means, 'we are beautiful'.

There will be a soup kitchen, and an allotment garden. Nobody will have to sit and wait all day for the doctor without having a hot meal anymore.

Skye is excited, and positive that it can become a reality. The nurses are being supportive. Pots have been purchased. The stove is waiting to be switched on.

Please help make it happen if you can.

Sibahle Community Centre
Account number 001658956
Standard Bank
Branch number 007205

xxx elle

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