Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Where the dogs are

 On the streets of Manhattan, clearly.

Everywhere we went we were reminded of our boy Baxter, who was causing havoc at the Dog sitter's house by all accounts.

Hounds, big and small with owners alike...

We were constantly enchanted.

And entertained...

But the eccentrics in prams that we found on the streets of Toronto, well they were the cat's meow!

xxx elle

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  1. I don't leave comments nearly often enough, but I do read/ look at your posts and always come away from them with my sense of beauty and appreciation for the world heightened. Despite having returned to a more country way of life, I still Love fashion and decor, and want to know all that's going on in the world around me. The book you suggested recently sounds very intriguing. Nothing finer than to rummage around a bookstore, finding things that we can't leave behind.