Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spring Yard Sale at Talana

It's not a South African tradition to hold a yard sale.

But Noo Noo decided to host one, and donate all proceeds to the 'Help a Rural Child' charity.

And where better to hold one, then in the garden at Talana, where a tree stump proves the perfect place to try on a pair of Steele's sneakers.

Facebook is the advertising method of choice, as friends begin to arrive and head for the bargain rails.

There is sunshine and music, Pimms and lemonade, sundresses and hoolahoops.

And bargains to be found.

When it was over the rails were still full!

Noo Noo knows to market to a wider audience next time, and not to hold it on the weekend of Earthdance!

My favourite sight was a box marked 'Gareth's T-shirts R20, Haven't you always wanted to be more like Gareth'.

xxx elle

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  1. Have not read your blog for a long time, just love your beautiful words and how you make so many of your moments magical and exciting. I am now a fan and follower, and look forward to many more wonderful stories. Karen xx