Friday, February 25, 2011

Edwyn Collins.

This is Edwyn Collins, singer and songwriter for the band Orange Juice.

Next to him is his manager, wife, helpmate and muse, Grace Maxwell.

I discovered these two extraordinary people in my quest to find yet another roll of wallpaper, destined to lie unused in a cupboard for years to come!

In 2005 Edwyn suffered a near fatal brain haemorrhage, which left him completely debilitated. He was semi paralysed, unable to speak or feed himself, and aphasia made it impossible for him to understand language.

After six months in hospital Grace took him home, and the real rehabilitation began.

As Grace so poignantly recalls in her book 'Falling and Laughing: The restoration of Edwyn Collins':
'I am composed of my thoughts. Imagine it. Suddenly there are no more thoughts. Your brain doesn't work properly. The damage is such that you barely know who you are, the nature of your existence. The loss of your intellect, your wit, doesn't begin to describe it.'

During the intense period of rehabilitation which Grace oversaw, (what she describes as a daily 'stimulus overload') Edwyn began to restore.

As part of his recovery program, Edwyn painstakingly drew a series of bird studies with the use of his left hand.

These exquisitely rendered drawings have been turned into wallpaper.

A symbol of hope and perseverance to beautify your home.

Find them here and feel the human spirit endure.

xxx elle

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  1. OMG, what an inspirational story! And what beautiful wallpaper, truly!