Sunday, September 6, 2009


I am loving these perfumes found on CBIHATEPERFUMES:

This little alchemy smells of 'smoked indian ink, bergamot and the hint of shelves full of books.'

This one is described as 'smelling like the salty breath of the mediterranean, drfitwood, rocks covered with seaweed and the smell of old leather suitcases.'

If you had to conjour up your own signature scent what would yours contain? I know mine would include: the warmth of a babies' breath after feeding, potato plants caught on the breeze as you drive through the bush, a whiff of spilt petroleum, burnt toast and the smell of Newlands forest after early morning rain...


  1. mine would be a drop of Elizabeth Arden's Baby shampoo,a sprinkle of ground cardamom,a whiff of the first jasmine of spring, a breeze of washing off the line and the first hint of a dark chocolate slab on unwrapping it....

  2. That's not fair!

    I want yours now x x x elle