Thursday, July 2, 2009

To the cottage now...

As part of our practicing being alone routine, Mr Neilson better known as Sid and I are going to our little love-nest by the sea for a few days.

It felt presumptious fourteen years ago for us to be buying a second home, in a country where so many are homeless and dispossessed.

We looked for signs everywhere in search of guidance.

In the end, we knew that the little wooden cottage built at the turn of the last century, and used as a ration store during the Boer War was meant to be ours.

It is the seaside cottage you read of in children's story books, perched on a gentle slope with the sea all about and the towns and mountains across the bay.

It has been a place of deep love and real happiness for our family and as often as we can we share it with others.

We are very sentimental about it, especially now that it is the one place we can still visit and sit on my daughter Tiffany's bed and think back to a life that included her beauty and laughter.

Come visit...the door is always open.